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Watch out for online school chaos in South Africa’s

Reference: Published by Staff Writer (BusinessTech), 23 July 2023

Digital schools have been compelled to clarify matters due to misunderstandings about the legitimacy and standards of online education.

Online credentials organization Umalusi issued a statement in mid-June warning of the emergence of “bogus” institutions that were defrauding parents with false credentials.

The body continued by saying that it had never accredited an online school in the nation.

“As of this writing, Umalusi has not granted accreditation to any online colleges offering its degrees. Similarly, no provincial education department has registered any such institution, according to Umalusi, it stated.

Online schools responded by claiming that the lack of a legal framework for the recognition of online schools has led to a great deal of misunderstanding as a result of these comments.

The legitimacy of the credentials offered is unaffected by the fact that online schools are not subject to the same rules as traditional colleges, according to Brainline, an online school registered with the IEB.

As a result, picking an online school has grown difficult, especially with false information spreading in the market, according to Brainline.

The South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute, which ironically operates under license from Umalusi, has accredited the National Senior Certificate that UCT Online High School delivers, according to Banele Lukhele, the Executive Head of School of the institution.

When choosing an online school and avoiding “bogus” schools, Branline and UCT Online School emphasized the following important considerations to take into account:


According to Brainline, it’s critical to search for a college with extensive expertise and a reputable name connected to online learning platforms and curricula.


According to Brainline, parents should give preference to online schools that are accredited by an examination authority like the Independent Examinations Board.

“This accreditation ensures that the education met the Department of Education’s and the school’s examining body’s requirements. Other institutions, both locally and internationally, accept legitimate reports and NSC credentials from certified colleges,” it stated.

Resources and Online Courses

According to Brainline, take into account whether the online school uses pre-recorded sessions in addition to live classes.

“Interactive online lessons taught by qualified instructors can greatly improve the quality of the academic help offered. Additionally, seek out institutions that offer complete resources, such as instructional materials, a library, and a way to obtain more information.

Educative Environment

According to Brainline, it’s crucial to have a well-designed environment with intuitive user interfaces that can be used even without a sophisticated computer.

“The availability of interactive features that facilitate communication and collaboration with classmates and teachers can greatly enhance the personal feel of the online environment,” claimed Brainline.

Program Diversification

It is also essential to take into account the program’s flexibility and academic support. In addition, make sure the online school’s course offerings mesh with your child’s future goals and job preferences, the business advised.

Parent-related factors

Parents should still have access to pertinent and current reports about their child’s performance and participation in classes, even though it is an online school.

According to Lukhele of UCT, parents must also help create a community for their children to be a part of, like a chess or soccer club.

Because there is no adult present in the room, as there would be in a physical location, parents must also be conscious that they take on the role of the adult figure who promotes continual learning.

She continued by advising the parents to find out what extracurricular activities the school offers.

Assistance with Special Needs

According to Brainline, there should be procedures in place that improve the identification of learning challenges and offer professional accommodations like additional time or exam promoters.

Possibilities to interact with teachers

Parents should give preference to online colleges that allow teachers and students to communicate directly on a regular basis. This promotes successful involvement and support for all parties.

Does the youngster wish to go?

Before making a choice, the parent should, according to Lukhele, consult with their child about attending an online school.